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 Our Services

NDHS supports are delivered by qualified and friendly staff providing a range of activities in a safe and supportive environment, where you can learn new skills and build your independence.

Specialised support 24/7

Specialised staff available 24/7 providing support during overnight, short and extended stays.

Fully accessible homes

An accessible environment that provides all the support you will need.

Nutritious meals

Balanced and delicious meals including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Fun activities

Enjoy social activities, excursions, relaxation therapies and more during your stay.

Some Of Our Customer Stories

Home Aged Care


What is Short Term Accommodation (respite)?

Under the NDIS, Short Term Accommodation, also known as respite, is a short stay in a residential home shared with other guests for up to 14 days. Set in a home environment, you’ll receive support from qualified staff with your daily routines and activities, develop new skills, meet others, and try new things.

Short Term Accommodation provides an opportunity for carers and residents to enjoy a break from their usual routines in a supportive out-of-homestay environment for people with disability. The NDIA guideline for an NDHS is up to 14 days.

What if I want medium term accommodation?

Medium-term accommodation is available at our STA’s for participants requiring accommodation for a longer period while transitioning into a more permanent home. The NDIA guideline for an MTA is 14 – 90 days.

What is included in Short Term Accommodation?

Regardless of which Sunnyfield short term accommodation you choose for your loved one, you will find:

  • 24/7 specialised staff support;
  • accommodations open throughout holiday breaks and public holidays;
  • fully accessible environment;
  • accommodation available for children, youth and adults with disability;
  • overnight stay, short stays and extended stays available;
  • nutritious and balanced meals throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner;
  • social activities, excursions, relaxation therapies and much more.

Is Short Term Accommodation covered under the NDIS?

Short Term Accommodation is NDIS funded. This funding is listed under core supports in the support category Assistance with Daily Life. We are also able to provide Short Term accommodation at Fee-for-Service based on a support ratio of 1:3.

How long can I stay in an NDHS?

You can stay up to 14 days, as underlined by the NDIA. There are short one or two-night stays available or more ongoing options that may suit your requirements. Sunnyfield’s Short Term Accommodation services can also be utilised as a transition into Supported Independent Living  if you’re exploring permanent living options.

What if I need a long term housing solution?

If you’d like to find out more about Sunnyfield’s range of living solutions for people with disability

  • Supported Independent Living
  • Supported Independent Living Vacancies
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation

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