NDIS Disability Services

Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

Why Choosing Services from Registered NDIS Service Providers is a Good Idea

NDIS service providers are individuals or organisations, including non-profits, sole traders and other business types, ready to supply support, services or products to NDIS participants. 

Finding the right providers to meet your needs is a vital cog in your wellness wheel. Choosing an NDIS-registered service provider will help ensure you receive the best care and options.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

The commission’s role is to ensure that service providers meet certain quality and safety standards, providing peace of mind that the offerings will be of a high standard. The commission does this in various ways, including the following:

  • Registration and auditing of NDIS service providers to assure participants that they meet the required standards of care.
  • Providing a platform for users to log complaints about the delivery of NDIS services.
  • Conducting investigations into any complaints and taking action where necessary to maintain top-quality services on an ongoing basis.
  • Providing opportunities for NDIS providers, participants, their families, and careers to keep themselves updated with the latest knowledge and skills through various education and training programmes.
  • Conducting research and developing policies and guidelines related to the quality and safeguarding of the NDIS.
NDIS Code of Conduct

All NDIS providers are required to comply with the NDIS Code of Conduct. This code is designed to promote the rights, respect and dignity of participants in the programme and to provide further assurance that everyone receives safe and high-quality services.

In a nutshell, the code sets out the following obligations for workers and providers:

  • To act with respect to guarantee individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making.
  • To provide support safely and competently with care and skill.
  • To work with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • To prevent all forms of violence, exploitation and neglect.
  • To promote empowerment and participation of NDIS participants.
  • To maintain confidentiality.
  • To obtain proper consent.
  • To comply with all laws, policies and guidelines presented by the NDIS.

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