NDIS Disability accommodation

Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

5 Benefits of Short-term Accommodation

Short-term accommodation is a temporary living arrangement that provides individuals with disabilities and their carers breathing space from their usual daily routines. Disability service providers offer this change of pace, often providing opportunities for meeting new people, trying new activities and developing new skills, frequently within a group-based setting.

Let’s explore 5 benefits of short-term accommodation, including health, social and family considerations.

1. Time Out for Carers

Full-time carers need a break too, so frequently, a short-term accommodation will allow them to have some time off and recharge their batteries. Time apart allows for the rejuvenation of energy levels, leading to carers returning to work with a spring in their step, ready to embrace the challenges of the day with aplomb. This applies to hired carers or family members who take on the caring role in a full-time capacity.

2. Building Independence

As short-term accommodation usually comes with a change of scenery, it provides an opportunity for individuals to build independence by trying different activities or learning new skills.

3. Improving Social Skills

Spending time with new people is great for reducing loneliness and improving social skills. Soon, interactions with less familiar people will be only slightly daunting, and new surroundings can be exciting instead of challenging. These opportunities are great for exploring personal growth in a safe space.

4. Reducing Challenging Behaviours

Distressing behaviours, including aggression, self-harm or even property damage, are sometimes exacerbated by the humdrum of daily habits. By breaking from one’s routines, there is a chance to reduce stress and anxiety by engaging in different and more relaxing activities, such as art, music, or yoga.

5. Improved Health and Well-Being

This opportunity to engage in new physically and mentally stimulating activities in a supportive environment can have a huge, positive impact on overall health and provide a much-needed boost to general well-being.

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