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Aug 22, 2023 | 0 comments

Supported Independent Living Is Possible With Top Home Care Support

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a great way to maintain the highest possible level of autonomy over your daily life. Dealing with the essential functions of everyday life is made possible with the appropriate amount of home care support and supervision throughout the day in various areas.

Read on to learn more about this valuable service that an NDIS-registered provider in your area can supply.

What is SIL?

People over the age of 18 who need assistance with some daily tasks to ensure their ability to live as independently as possible will benefit from Supported Independent Living arrangements. This can also include the development of various skills to facilitate this process.

Assistance required varies from person to person; however, some examples of the type of help that is offered include:

  • Cooking with a focus on good nutrition
  • Home cleaning and laundry
  • Personal care, including daily bathroom routines
  • Medical assistance
  • Transport or using transport to go to appointments
  • Starting a new hobby or pastime
How Do I Apply For NDIS SIL?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS) provides funding to assist people with disability in improving their quality of life through greater independence, access to services (including SIL), access to communities, and allowing for more time with family and friends.

To apply, you can visit the NDIS website for more information on eligibility and application options. Once your funding has been approved, you will be assigned a support coordinator who will be well-equipped to help you further navigate the process.

Who Will Supply The SIL Services?

One of the critical functions of the NDIS is the monitoring and regulation of service providers. NDIS will supply your support person, but you can rest assured that they will meet the high standards of care demanded of NDIS-registered service providers. The services will be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive precisely the right amount of care.

Contact New Dawn Healthcare today to learn about our range of home care support services, including Supported Independent Living. We are NDIS registered and can offer a range of disability support services all across Perth. We focus on supporting individuals to develop their skills and capabilities to live independently and participate fully in society.